Nesian Next Generation: Song Review

Song Name: Rainbow
Artist: J Stonez, Yung Yanny ft L.O.C

Old school hiphop perfection.Sampled, cut and soulful harmonies to create the perfect hip hop track for those rainy afternoons. Meaningful lyrics make you think and soulful harmonies make you feel.

Nesian Next Generation Says: Open up a bottle of Henessy and salem ting ting to this beat. 

Nesian Next Generation Playlist: B-Radical (Click Here!)

A playlist from the piano maestro/producer/singer/songwriter


Nesian Next Generation: Song Review
Song Name: Where I’m From
Artist: Fortafy & Jagarizzar 

The best example of Island Hip Hop. This song has everything that makes instant classics, meaningful lyrics, soulful chorus and a message that is relevant to all pacific youths.
Where I’m from.
Melanesia Unite. 

Nesian Next Generation: Nesian Roots; Classics.
Song name: Meri Lewa.

From the starting guitar hook, internationally around the pacific, everyone knows this tune. Meri Lewa is one of the most recognizable songs from PNG artist Oshen. 
Every Pacific Islander knows this song, regardless if you save tok pisin or nogat, it is a staple in every Nesians playlist.


Nesian Next Generation: Song Review 

Song Name: Lil Miss Precious
Artist: Urban Theory (Marj andIan ft C-10) Stoney

The Urban Theory have a unique blend of island flavour and pop sensibilities that give them their own genre. “Lil Miss Precious” has reggae keys, island flows and a poppy feel to it that makes it a song for the beach or a party.

Nesian Next Generation says: Get a party started with ‘Lil Miss Precious’. 

Nesian Next Generation: Song Review 

Song Name: Love Sick
Artist: Crutchman ft H-Man and Stoney

A song that typifies what Crutchmans’ music is all about, Reggae beat, synths and a mix of tok pisin and english lyrics that are perfect for the club or blasting on your speakers.

Nesian Next Generation says: Blastim lo speakers blo you, Perfect for pre-drinks and ol mangi kisim wara stap.

Nesian Next Generation Player Profile: Mr. Jamz


Real Name: Royce Laka
Known As: Mr. Jamz
Music Genre: Pop, Reggae, RnB
Best Known For: RnB music, slow flows and synthy beats gives this young artist the “Lover Boy Music” tag. The type of music you listen to when you’re in the club at 3 in the morning looking for someone to go home with.

Song of the year: Tipsy Love ft XMan.

Nesian Next Generation says: Slow songs for all the lovers out there  

Nesian Next Generation Player Profile: Crutchman

Real Name: Jude Kainge


Music Genre: Reggae, Pop, Drum and Bass, Techno

Best known for: Catchy hooks, vocals and reggae ‘bounce’ in music as well as technically excellent music production.

Song of the year: Girl on the dancefloor.

 Nesian Next Generation says:
If you feel like moving, Crutchman gives you the beats to kill the dancefloor

Nesian Next Generation

This website is dedicated to bringing you the newest music from unsigned local musicians who have something to say and are promoting the Nesian style of music and way of life through their various crafts.
From producing and writing such as the maestro of the keys B-Radical, the technical aspects of music production through poppy, reggae sounds by the talented Crutchman to the dubstep, techno, drum and bass of DJ Zed Mero. As well as a tonne of other local talents such as Mr. Jamz, H-Man and Urban theory who bring their unique flavours and gifts to Nesian Music.

This is what the future sounds like.
Nesian Next Generation. 

Mr. Jamz: Loverboy Music <3
Nesian Next Generation

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